hmmm…this is the part where i’m completely stumped and i just sit there scratching my head!

a grad student in a US university. make that a “perennially broke” grad student in a US university. i write papers on Bollywood (actually, my current lingo is “media and culture industries,” and/or “Bombay film industry”). my life is usually a juggling act between grad school, teaching (i’m a TA), watching the latest Bollywood flick, chatting with friends back home, and procrastinating.

a certified Bollywood fanatic. also obsessed with Indian politicians and Mumbai dons. i love big cities, street food, train journeys, coffee ice cream with almond pieces and chocolate fudge, men with the last name ‘Bachchan’, browsing for hours in bookstores, shopping for silver jewellery in Delhi, and picking up pretty lil’ things to beautify my room. i strongly believe in retail therapy and that you can never have enough of lip gloss, bags, or shoes (especially if they are kitschy sandals picked up from Linking Road).

oh yes, i’m also a cross between a goddess of procrastination and a control freak. and oh, also a borderline OCD.

one of my favorite quotes that’s close to home…

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.”
– The Bard, Hamlet, Act II, Scene II


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